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Stihl Carburetor Gasket

Stihl Carburetor Gasket

Carburetor gasket 38 to Fs, Fs 45, Fs 55 (4114-149-1205, 41141491205)

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Carburetor gasket. Used brush cutter Stihl FS 38, FS 45, FS 45 C, FS 50, FS 55, FS 55 C, FS 55 R, FS 56, FS 56 C, FS 70 C, FS 75, FS 80, FS 85, FS 85, FS 90, FS 100, FS 110, FS 130, FS 310 and Stihl power tools BG 50, BG 56, BG 86, BR 200, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 550, BR 5130, HS 45, HS 81 R, HS 81 T, HS 82 R, HS 82 T, HT 100, HT 131, HT 56 C, KM 55, KM 90, KM 130, SH 56, SH 56, SH 56, SH 86, SR 200, SR 430, SR 450.


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This large private distributor Stihl also produces machinery for the architectural, cleaning and assistance sector, personal protective equipment for professionals who will be using the tools, accessories and clothing, all its products are marketed exclusively by a distribution network with a high level of security.

Currently, Stihl Private Distribution has around nine manufacturing companies worldwide and already in the process of a tenth, has a total of thirty-two branches, at the same time it has one hundred and thirty dealers, with approximately thirty-five thousand different specialist distributors.

Benefits of the tools of the private distributor Stihl

The tools of the private distributor Stihl have a certain amount of benefits that buyers should take into account so that they remember that it is the best option when buying tools and accessories, leader in the world of motor machines and number one in the chainsaw market, these benefits are

  • A comprehensive warranty which covers any situation that may occur with the product.
  • All tools have a personalized safety system for each one to prevent accidents from occurring while the user is using them.
  • Their designs are compact to make them easier to use.
  • They are manufactured with the lightest and most resistant materials, always thinking of the user and making it easy for him to carry the tool.

Products of the private distributor Stihl

This prestigious private distributor called Stihl has two types of brands currently, one of these is the same name Stihl is specialized for professional use and Viking which specializes in home use, among which we can find the following products of interest:

  • Machines with batteries.
  • Elite mowers and chainsaws.
  • Brushcutters and trimmers.
  • Lawn mowers.
  • Tractor mowers.
  • Scarifiers.
  • Robotic lawn mowers.
  • Combination systems.
  • Multisystems.
  • Hedge trimmers.
  • Variations.
  • Biochippers.
  • Blowers and vacuum cleaners.
  • Sweepers and hydrocleaners.
  • Sprayers and atomizers.
  • Concrete cutters, drowners and cut-off machines.
  • Equipment for individual protection.
  • Forestry accessories and hand tools.
  • Lubricants, accessories and fuels.

In summary, Private Distributor Stihl is the perfect and most recommended company when you want to buy machinery, tools and accessories not only for forestry work but also for agriculture and gardening, not to mention the construction sector and personal equipment too, their prices and guarantees are the best on the market.


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