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Founded in 1924 by none other than Raymond E. DeWalt, who is the inventor of the famous radial arm lock, his company grew so fast that in 1947 it had to be reorganized.

Today, the company sells more than 200 different hand and power tools, not to mention more than 800 accessories.

If this does not convince you of its quality, you should know that the manufacturer of German origin who produced high-tech tools for ELU carpentry was bought by the company. In addition, the brand has been sponsoring drivers in the NASCAR Cup since 1999.

Benefits of buying DeWalt brand tools.

The products you get are quality

If there is one thing that characterizes the brand, it is its quality engineering, since each tool is built with the commercial sector in mind where it will be used, not for any other, this increases its efficiency and allows the use of the right materials for its manufacture.

They are very efficient

If you are looking for efficient engines, then the tools of this company are the ones you are looking for, as they usually offer a much higher fluidity through their power tools, increasing their performance.

In addition, they have replaceable brushes that make maintenance easier.

Their speed

They have a transmission designed to give the maximum level of performance in the load, which allows whoever is using it to work faster in their applications and to reduce displacements due to lack of control.

In fact, if something characterizes these products is their easy handling when changing speeds.

The safety

Keep in mind that something very important when deciding to buy a tool is whether it is safe for you to operate, especially if we are talking about industrial and carpentry tools.

This is where DeWalt stands out, as all its products have a quality grip, with anti-slip rubber, which will give you maximum safety and comfort when using it.

In addition, by having such a grip you will be able to keep them longer in your hand and thus work more often. As if that weren't enough, the company also offers industrial safety implements so that you can keep all the staff in general well cared for.

Balance and control

Can you imagine losing control by using some tool? This can cause costs and irreparable damage, but you can forget about all this when using tools of this brand.

They have all been designed to allow maximum operator control and above all, the range has a variety of compact products that allow you to avoid using very large tools in small spaces.

In this way, you will always be in balance and comfort.


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