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Hilti Industrial Distribution is known as one of the largest companies in the development, manufacture and marketing of different products especially for the area of foundations or as it is known mostly construction, as well as for the different industries dedicated to building maintenance.

Laser Meter HILTI PD-I

Robust laser meter with smart measurement functions and Bluetooth connectivity for indoor applications up to 100...

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Laser Meter HILTI PD-S

Easy-to-use measuring laser for distance and surface measurements up to 60 m Measuring range: 0.2 m - 60 m Measuring...

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Laser Meter HILTI PD-E

Outdoor measuring laser with integrated sight glass for measurements up to 200 m Measuring range: 0 m - 200...

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Combiláser PMC HILTI 46

2 line 4 point laser combination for plumbing, leveling, alignment and squaring with red beam Accuracy: ±2 mm Max....

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Multi-line laser HILTI PM 4-M

Multi-line laser with 3 lines and red beam plumbing laser Accuracy: ±2 mm Max. operating distance: 10 m (lines), 50 m...

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Rotary Laser HILTI PR 2-HS A12

Robust outdoor rotary laser with 360° impact protection and quick-charging lithium-ion battery for horizontal and...

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Rotary Laser HILTI PR 30-HVS A12

Rotary laser for horizontal levelling, vertical alignment, leveling and angle calculations with 360° impact...

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This distributor is also known by another name as the Hilti Group, its products of the highest quality and with the most accessible prices in the market, this distributor not only focuses on the manufacture and commercialization of construction tools but also on installation systems, anti-ignition equipment and percussion hammers.

This great distributor has branches all over the world, Hilti was born in 1941 by the Hilti brothers, that is Martin and Eugen Hilti in a small mechanic workshop started this great company, both of them were more and more interested in the technology in the year 1950 they launched their first specialized tools in the area of fixing by hand.

Advantages of Hilti distributor tools

There are many tools manufactured and marketed by the industrial distributor Hilti, among which we can mention electric tools, direct fastening tools, measuring and scanning tools, fasteners, software for the different devices focused on the construction area, among others, each one with different advantages that we will proceed to mention next:

  • The electrical tools: this type of tools are designed to work with an electrical support, it has great advantages among which we can mention the speed due to its electrical power, the security that they have for the user that will use them to avoid that an accident happens and finally its precision which is balanced for the weight that it has.
  • The tools with battery: this type of tools function with a vital support of battery between its advantages are the independence that possess on not having needed dependency of a wired connection to work, its weight is very light and easy to load, its duration is much bigger and finally the precision that possess.
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners: in charge of dust management, industrial vacuum cleaners have the advantages of greater effectiveness than normal vacuum cleaners, their filtration and suction capacity is superior, they are easy to handle in spaces where hazardous materials are found, great performance, among other multiple uses that give that tool more advantages when using them.
  • Softwares: these are products for the design of planes and structure in 3D that facilitate and help the development of a construction, without mentioning that their advantages are great we can simplify it in calculation and analysis of data in a fast way, development planes in a short time, concrete scanner, scanner of points of failures in the structure and much more

In conclusion, Hilti Industrial Distributorship is a prestigious manufacturing industry focused on the manufacture and marketing of the best tools for the construction area always thinking about the safety of its customers and also their pockets.


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