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Sure you've heard of the brand, but if you're not convinced to pay for it, let us give you all the information you need to be sure of everything.

Let's start with the basics, when it comes to career Stanley was founded in 1843, that is, it has over 170 years of experience in this area.

And as if that wasn't enough, his variety of articles will allow you to get everything you need. But let's be more specific.

Benefits for the Stanley buyer

distinguished marks

Stanley has been in business for 170 years, which means he knows how important it is for you to have the widest variety of products available to you, which is why he has purchased such popular brands as Lexnos, Hilmor and Irwin.

This has allowed it to expand and reach North America more easily.

You are not limited

Many tooling companies limit themselves to selling only to the consumer or to professionals. Stanley does not: its products are made to be handled by high-caliber industrial companies, specialized professionals and simple consumers.

This means that their products are targeted for all scales of buying and selling, reducing their prices, so it will be very easy for you to acquire them.

It is international

It is the largest manufacturer of products in the world since 2010, around mechanical tools, manuals and accessories, which means you can get any of their products near you.

It is always at the forefront

You can check their product catalogue through their website, buy them and send them to your home just by having access to the internet. Better yet, there are thousands of sites selling the Stanley brand.

These include Mercado Libre, so you can get both new and used products of the highest quality and at the best prices.

Stanley Toolboxes

As with everything, there are various categories, prices and materials. Pay attention.

Stanley 1-93-935

It has the invaluable advantage of being totally waterproof, which makes it ideal if you want to work in winter or rainy weather, or if, on the contrary, you work in wet work areas.

For the price of 49.06 euros, a weight of four kilos and the possibility that your tools will not rust when you are inside, this is what your life lacks!

Stanley 1-95-615

It is a metal box, but be careful: it weighs less than two kilos, specifically 1.9 kilograms. Its price is less than the previous one, only 38.76 euros.

Stanley tool case

If you need to transport a lot of tools over different terrains, then this is the one you should have. Its telescopic handle is made of aluminum, it has support legs and smooth sliding wheels.

Now that you know all this, you can check their official website and get what you need.


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