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Makita Corporation is a company dedicated to the manufacture of power tools of Japanese origin, was founded in 1915 and today has a presence in over 40 countries and has 10 plants operating in 8 countries, Brazil, Canada, Japan, China, Mexico, Romania, United Kingdom and the United States.

From its foundation until today Makita has 350 different models of tools, including electric, pneumatic and battery tools; all tools are tested and inspected before they are released to the market in order to guarantee their correct functioning and quality.

Know the Benefits of having a Makita Tool

Talking about Makita tools is talking about quality and high performance. This brand recognized worldwide, are tools manufactured from the best technology one of them is the system of joints SSJ (Super Joint System).

This spring system increases the tension force between the armature shaft and the pinion, thus obtaining a firmer union between the pinion and the armature, this gives greater comfort during the workday, avoiding the dangerous shakes that occur when the disc is blocked.

Likewise, this technology prevents damage to the gears due to the locking of the disc. When these locks occur on the disc, the pinions can be damaged by the sudden and abrupt impact.

In addition, Makita tools have AVT technology, which is anti-vibration technology, based on earthquake engineering, basically the same absorbs vibrations by up to 75%, significantly reducing the vibrations that the tool can produce so that they do not harm the user.

The battery tools have integrated lithium batteries that offer a greater durability, this is thanks to the fact that they have a high energy density and their discharge is very low, they provide a longer life, the charges are faster and more efficient.

The four Makita Production Lines

Makita tools have four specialized production lines.

  • Industrial Power Tools; in this production line we can find drills, demolition tools, concrete drilling tools, all of which have the SSJ technology and AVT technology.
  • Pneumatic Tools; this production line has the compressors, staplers and nailers.
  • Battery Tools; the batteries used are 18V lithium batteries and fast charge, giving you more performance and efficiency.
  • Professional Tools; designed for various professionals, among them are chainsaws, weed cutters and hedge clippers.

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