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Its specialized line of solid abrasives has a great variety of cutting discs, abrasive wheels, mounted points, abrasive cups, bricks, cones, files, among others, ideal products for cutting, sanding, sharpening, grinding, roughing, grinding and polishing any surface.

Within Grupo Austromex there are three brands, Austromex, Tenazit and Austrodiam; currently in Mexico there are fifteen official distributors of Austromex products, located in various parts of the country, such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Iztapalapa, Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, La Ribera.

It is the first manufacturer in the Americas to be certified by the oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives), which guarantees that all its products meet the highest safety standards.

Benefits of Using Austromex Abrasive Products

The first thing we will mention is that these products are manufactured under the most demanding quality standards, their abrasive discs offer a higher performance and a high removal power, the grinding discs are effective even on the hardest or exotic materials.

Kreator discs are ideal for industries that must work on large surfaces, since this model offers them greater performance in the work; in general, Austromex discs do not wear easily, which gives them more durability compared to other similar discs on the market.

They make clean and precise cuts, they do not splinter or crumble. This is a great benefit, since their life span is longer, they have an excellent price/performance ratio, and there is a product for each type of work in general and of different intensities.

Austromex Abrasives Line

Austromex has six lines of abrasives.

  • Solid Abrasives; with a wide range of different cut-off wheels from 3 to 4 ½, hub, cut-off and grinding discs; contact discs, fibre discs, disc backing, flap wheels, abrasive wheels, abrasive cups and cones, bricks and files, aluminium oxide bars.

  • Abrasive products; ideal for different tasks, belts and mini-bands; laminated discs; fibrodiscs, sheets and pads, strips and rolls.

  • Fiber Products; 19" fiber discs, quick change fiber discs, satin wheel spheres, rolls, convoy wheels, semi-flexible wheels, Unix, Unix plus.

  • Polishing and Cleaning; plush disc type 27 tenazit, polishing pastes, cloth and sisal wheels, wheels and plush products.

  • Wire Brushes; of various sizes and shapes, ideal tools for abrasive work.

  • Diamond and Construction; ideal for more intense tasks, diamond discs, pads and blades, bits and profiling wheels, cups.


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