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URREA Mobile Cabinet - Extra Heavy Duty

Mobile Cabinet, Extra Heavy Duty URREA

Extra Heavy Duty
Drawer rails with ball bearings
High security locking system with bank type key
Heavy duty 5 "x 2" tires that support 150kg.
Aluminum handles. Heavy duty side handles covered with CUSHION GRIP on X41S8, X41M11, X27M7 and X27M6 cabinets. Reinforced side handle on X27I3, X27S9, X27S4 and X41S8 enclosures. Lockable lid hinge. Sheet thickness of 1 mm and 1.2 mm for structure and 0.8 mm for drawers. 11 drawers. Measures 41" x 18" x 38"

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Urrea Extra Heavy Duty Mobile Cabinet, 11 drawers 41".


URREA Extra Heavy Duty Mobile Cabinet Pricing


To request pricing or a quote for URREA Extra Heavy Duty Mobile Cabinet, please send us a message or contact one of our certified distributors near your area of residence.

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Important Notes on the Urrea Brand and its distributors.

With Urrea's tools it is possible to make the best use of water. By managing to maintain a responsibility under the use of its tools.

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With the benefits of providing excellent manufacturing materials. That in addition to providing a good image, produce a greater durability to other tools.

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Making its repertoire reach even the Italian tooling technology to make the best use of water.

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