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EVOLUTION Series Cast Aluminum with EVOLUTION Automatic Locking Grip

EVOLUTION Series Cast Aluminum with Automatic Locking Auto-Grip EVOLUTION

Standard duty knife with 9mm blade, extra sharp 30 degree blade.
Features an automatic blade lock and stainless steel slide rail.
Cast aluminum grip with electric acrylic metal coating with integrated blade / Designed for right and left handed use.
Cutting material: paper, wallpaper, cardstock, vinyl, film, shrink wrap, etc. Good for crafts and hobby projects, professional artists or installers, general use.
Replacement blade: carbon steel blade BA15P / made in Japan (TAA designated).

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NT's Premium Evolution, PMG, self-locking, premium Evolution blade knife comes with professional-grade metallic black pearlized aluminum grip and extra-sharp 30-degree black blade. The handy utility knife has a high quality black stainless steel sliding track that allows the blade to glide smoothly in and out. The extra strong grip is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material and coated with acrylic electric metals for water resistance. With a special 4-layer coating, primer, metallic coating, black clear coat, topped with another layer of clear coat, this pearl black metallic grip gives it a very sleek, sophisticated and stately look with its bold black slider track and black blade. The automatic ratcheting locking slider will keep the blade secure for maximum cutting efficiency. The end cap also functions as a blade snapper. Designed for right and left handed use with simple blade reversal. The special blade used in this professional snap-off knife is made of high quality carbon steel and is produced through multiple stages of precise processing for maximum sharpness and optimum edge retention. The process includes a unique "blue process" that adds an oxide coating on the blade that gives it a blue-black appearance and protects it from oxidation. The final vigorous step is a sharpening process called "lapping," which completes the state-of-the-art processing of these professional blades for maximum sharpness. Through these special procedures, NT created flawless, corrosion-resistant precision blades that can cut paper effortlessly without tearing or dragging. The blades are so sharp that the cutting lines are almost invisible. Recommended for professional use, due to its fine, delicate edge. Made in Japan.


EVOLUTION Cast Aluminum Series with Automatic Locking Grip Automatic Locking EVOLUTION Series Pricing


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We have a very good reference of both our service and our quality, that's why we distribute the best brands of tools, which we will name some of them below:

  • Trupper.
  • Urrea.
  • Skill.
  • Dremel.
  • Makita.
  • Austromex.
  • Pretful.
  • Evans.
  • Bosch.
  • Arx Buy Sell.
  • Honda.
  • Stihl.
  • Milwaukee.
  • Hilti.
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  • Gearwrench.
  • Dewalt.
  • Metabo.
  • Black And Decker.
  • 3M.

Hardware is a really big field of work in which the use of the right tools will result in the development of a well done job, that is why we must take into account what we need to do our jobs when we speak at the level of tools.

The tools have existed for years and over time have evolved to offer us a comfortable and fast way to perform the necessary work, because without the use of the right tool all the work of the worker, builder, etc, will delay the development process of the works.

This is why it is necessary to know the brands and characteristics that the tools you are going to buy must have, so that they can offer you the best result in the work you are going to do, some characteristics are

  • They must have a great durability, this is because users are looking for separate tools that have a great quality can last in optimal conditions for a considerable time.
  • They must have a great resistance, this is because if the tool is fragile it will not be able to support all the works that must be made in a constant way and it can get damaged, on the other hand with a tool of great resistance the works will be able to be made without any worry of which it can be damaged.
  • That it has an ergonomic design, this is to make it easy to load and use by the user because if its design is very complicated it will make it difficult to perform the work.

If the tools you find do not have these features it is preferable that you do not buy them because they will not be able to offer you the benefits you are looking for such as good quality, comfortable accessibility and good service.

Ensuring an excellent result means using the best brands of tools for the job

To obtain an excellent result in the work area, especially in the hardware store, it is necessary to have the right tools and above all of high quality, because without them it becomes a really difficult task to carry out the work correctly.

That is why when we talk about high quality tools, we are referring to the best brands and products they offer, among which we can mention the renowned Black & Decker, Hilti and many more, which already have a recognition for the products they offer.

These renowned brands specialize in different areas developing different tools, however they specialize more in the area of hardware, always offering the best services and accessible prices for all users.

You should always be clear about the above mentioned features when you are looking for high quality tools or you can simply look for the most popular brands because their fame is created by the quality of their products and benefits.

In summary, we have a really varied catalog of brands where you can find the best tools you need for your work, with warranty and prices really amazing, whether for the area of construction, metal-mechanical, carpentry, automotive or hardware our quality tools provide the best results for your work.


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