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Circular Saw with Adjustable Angle + Depth Einhell

Circular Saw with Adjustable Angle + Depth Einhell

POWER X-CHANGE: The 18-volt battery system offers the unique possibility to power all Einhell tools and garden equipment of the Power X-Change family with only one type of battery. 1 battery. 1000 possibilities.
Power: 4, 200 RPM for high performance and comfortable handling.
Blade: 6. 12.7 cm blade with depth and cutting angle adjustment.
Fast: spindle lock provides quick and easy blade changes.
Includes: vacuum extraction adapter to maintain a clean workspace.
About us: Einhell is a German company of German engineered power tools and a best-selling brand in the European tool market. Einhell is the official main partner of BMW i Motorsport. We will guarantee all new products for two years from the date of purchase. Please contact EinhellUSA customer service at 1-866-346-4355 for further assistance.

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Tool information


The Einhell TE-CS 18 Li hand-held circular saw is compact, lightweight and easy to work with. It's ideal when you need a handy tool anywhere in the house or garden. The same high-capacity batteries fit all Power X-Change cordless tools which saves time, money and also helps you go green. You can adjust the cutting depth and tilt angle of the cordless circular saw quickly and easily without tools. A spindle lock makes it easy to change saw blades with a 10mm or 16mm hole. High-quality LEDs and a dust extraction attachment give you a clear view of what you are working on and keep the work area clean. The TE-CS 18 Li- cordless circular saw is compatible with the Einhell guide rail, available separately. You can take Einhell cordless tools virtually anywhere without the need for cords or plugs. With lithium-ion technology, you can forget about tripping over tangled cords, short cables and frustrating searches for an extension cord. This product comes without battery and charger which are sold separately.


Einhell Adjustable Angle + Depth Circular Saw Pricing


To request a price or price quote for the Einhell Adjustable Angle + Depth Circular Saw please send us a message or contact one of our certified dealers near you.

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Types of tools 

This is one of the most recognized power tool brands in the world. Their products are synonymous with quality and durability, plus they have an excellent price-performance ratio.

Among its most notable tools we get wireless angle grinders, drills, vacuums and more. They are among the mostselling products in the industry   sold by the brand on multiple internet platforms and in stores worldwide.

Among its products we can get:


  • Angle grinders.
  • Chainsaw.
  • Rectifiers.
  • Hammer drills.
  • Heat guns.
  • Puzzles.
  • Mowers.
  • Electric drills.
  • Jigsaws.
  • Thread trimmers.
  • Table saws.
  • Aspirators.
  • And more.

Another quite important detail is that the sale of spare parts for such equipment is also quite extensive, so getting spare parts for any of their power tools Einhel is very simple. Unlike other brands, you won't have to desert  of the faulty tool because of the poor availability of responses.

Why buy tools Einhell


This brand speaks for itself, its 56 years in the market support its growth, in addition to its products have a huge reputation among all users. Additionally we can get a great variety of offers in many web portals such as Amazon, where there is always an offer available so buying these tools does not costara as much as those of the competition.  

Another plus point of the brand's popularity is that the brand can be obtained at virtually any hardware store or store where tools are sold.  Another aspect to consider before buying these tools is that they are made with very high quality materials, as the company is very concerned about offering products that will last a lifetime.  

In addition to the above, the tools Einhell can accomplish any task both at home and in the work sector, making them very versatile tools.  Thus, you can perform any job at home and in your profession without  worrying about buying additional equipment to use at work or at home.  

Also, no matter if you are a beginner or press, handling these tools is really simple and totally safe, so you won't have to worry if you have little experience.  


These tools are of very good quality and are available at very good prices. Buying any of the equipment produced by this company is a very good decision, so we will be acquiring a long-lasting tool with great performance.



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