Crescent composite double center cut

Crescent composite double center cutCrescent composite double center cut9
Crescent dual compound center cut Dual compound action PowerPivot technology provides more power with 30% less effort. Induction-hardened center-cutting blades provide longer life. Ergonomic non-slip handles provide a better grip and greater control. Durable tubular steel handles provide increased strength and cutting power. For use on: bolts, rods, screws, chain, chain link wire, electric wire, padlock bolts, chain link fences and much more.

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Revolutionary new design reduces cutting effort by introducing the H.K. Porter Double Composite Action Bolt Cutter with PowerPivotTM technology, an industrial-grade bolt cutter with more cutting power with 30% less effort. It is the perfect solution for production facilities, maintenance and repair operations, utilities, construction sites, oil and gas operations and more. The unique PowerPivotTM geometry was developed using advanced computer-aided design to create a dual compound action system with greater efficiency than competitive bolt cutters. Together with specially designed HKP blades, PowerPivotTM bolt cutters offer superior strength with a 30% reduction in cutting effort when cutting HRC-31, 3/8" HRC-42 and 5/16" HRC-48.

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