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BLACK + DECKER 4x1 Multiple Sander

BLACK + DECKER 4x1 Multi Sander

Smart Select technology allows users to choose the application, set the recommended base and the sander adjusts for optimal speed.
4-in-1 sander provides maximum versatility for a wide range of sanding applications
Tool-less base changes make it easy to set and remove different bases in seconds.
Translucent hard-body canister with pleated filter.
Hook and loop sandpaper system for quick and easy paper changes.

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The Black & Decker MS2000 Smart Select Sanding Kit from takes all the guesswork out of sanding projects. This all-in-one 1/4-sheet random orbit sander, detail and finish guides your work and auto-adjusts, so you'll get high-quality results every time you use it. Simple and easy to operate, the MS2000 is ideal for home improvement enthusiasts and hobbyists who want a tool ready to go right out of the box. The MS2000 Smart Select Smart Select Sanding Kit at a glance: 4-in-1 sander: random orbit, 1/4 sheet, detail and finish Smart Select Technology Tool-free base change Includes 2 interchangeable sanding bases, finger detail attachment, storage bag and 2+ year warranty Smart Select Dial adjusts speed for 4 different applications. View larger. Interchange sanding pads at the touch of a button. View larger. Smart Select Technology for optimal performance It's not always easy to match the right sanding materials to the job or to know which speed is best for the application. That's why the MS2000 features Smart Select Technology, which does most of the thinking for you. Simply dial in your application with the illustrated Smart Select button on the front of the tool: the sander will recommend a base and automatically adjusts to the appropriate speed. Bases are color-coded to match the knob images, so selecting the right base for the job is as easy as can be. Three interchangeable bases for versatility To make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck, the MS2000 is a complete sanding kit that includes three sanding bases: random orbit, detail sanding and finish sanding. These interchangeable bases allow you to tackle a variety of jobs, from intricate detail sanding to doors, furniture and floors. To interchange bases, simply press the release button on the MS2000 and attach a new base - no tools required! Convenient and built to last The MS2000 has numerous features.


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Founded in the early 20th century by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker. This company invented the famous portable family electric drill and that is how they obtained a patent for a hand drill that was combined with a switch and staple gun.

This company has been committed to the construction industry since its inception.

Black and Decker has had the opportunity to ally itself with the best brands of tools and absorbed others to make its catalogue of offers more diverse. At the same time it is considered as the corporation with the greatest proposals in the industrial and light use market.

With this brand it is possible to obtain any tool: electric brushes, circular saws, belt sanders, bench grinders, polishers and sanders, jigsaws

e incluso herramientas para los carpinteros.

Benefits of Black and Decker tools

- The cordless and power tools have complete wireless freedom in their operation, thanks to the battery, so you can go anywhere with them.
- The price is not a problem for you, as they have a good quality/price ratio.
- You will be able to work with various materials, for example some cutters have speed adjustment for various compounds.
- You can cut any type of board thanks to the power of the saws, and they have a good grip.
- With a good change of spare parts in the case of grinders, locks and other similar instruments, so no more instruments will be needed.

Why buy from Black and Decker?

Buying power tools makes the job easier and achieves efficiency in less time, for this you need to get the best options from the best brand and Black and Decker fits the profile.

This brand offers you a real opportunity to access tools that have a great international prestige and a unique seal of quality.

Approved by the market, it offers you elements that are in accordance with the budget and specialization of the work you have.

At the same time, its tools have an excellent guarantee coverage and as for spare parts, they can be found in any area of the world, a great advantage if it is a matter of making the change of parts years later.

In addition, when your tools are new, they come with a holder for optimum grip, protective oil to prevent corrosion while the tool is not in use, a cable to connect to the power supply and, as required by the tool, gloves and glasses.

Black and Decker if you are looking for the best and highest quality, their tools will not make you think you have to return them, try them! And get the most out of your work.


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